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6 Month Car Lease

6 Month Car Lease

6 Month Car Leasing is ideal for those that don’t want a long term commitment, fixed cost motoring for 6 months with optional maintenance for peace of mind.

We offer our 6 month car leases to personal and business customers in the UK, a credit check is required for all of our products and services including Non-Status Car Leases. Click the highlighted link for more information.

We offer a wide range of 6 month cars, from a wide range of manufacturers, a selection of cars on Fixed Contracts are displayed below:

Latest 6 Month Car Lease Deals

About our 6 Month Car Leases

The majority of our 6 month vehicles are all brand new and supplied by UK dealers, they are on Fixed Contracts and can offer mileage’s up to 2,000 miles per calendar month. Should you require a flexible contract, please see our Short Term Flexible Contracts page by clicking the link. Should you require mileage’s above 2,000 miles per month, then you would also need a flexible car lease. We can offer up to 6,000 miles per month on these vehicles.

Our 6 month car leasing service allows you to apply for a credit line and order a new vehicle which usually takes approx. 2-3 weeks from the date of ordering to be delivered. These cars are generally brand new or pre-registered so you will be the first to drive the car.

All of our 6 month car leases include Road Tax, Manufacturer Warranty, Roadside Assistance and you can even add optional maintenance for true fixed cost motoring.

These 6 month car leases are fixed and cannot be reduced or extended without a penalty or a charge, however, we do offer both flexible car leases and car subscriptions, that may work better with your needs.

Benefits of leasing a car for 6 months

  • Fixed Cost Motoring for a short period of time
  • Brand New or Nearly New Cars
  • Include Road Fund Licence, Breakdown assistance, Manufacturers Warranty and optional Maintenance
  • Offers up to 2,000 miles per month allowance
  • No Long Term Commitment
  • Change your car every 6 months
  • Ideal for Non-Status, New Start Businesses and those with Adverse Credit*

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