Find The Ideal Short-Term Car Lease

Find The Ideal Short-Term Car Lease

Securing a car quickly can be difficult. The reams of paperwork, insurance and more tot up to create a book’s worth of signing forms and reading documents. With Short Term Leasing, you can get that much-needed short-term car lease with minimal hassle.

Our contracts are created to make it easier for you to get driving in your new rental car as soon as possible. To help you make your decision, here’s what benefits you’ll get from our short-term flexible car contracts with our team at Short Term Leasing:

  • Agile and easy to change: Our short-term Flexi contracts do exactly what they say. They’re flexible to give you the opportunity to return the car when you want, without being penalised.
  • Cheaper than renting: If you’ve got a new employee starting or you need a car as soon as possible but don’t know for how long for, our service is cheaper than renting over a longer time span.
  • Next day delivery: We know it’s a car and can naturally be moved straight away, but we can give you next day delivery where we can.
  • Choice: Select from hundreds of luxury cars across our services to find the perfect short-term lease.

In addition, we have the latest VW Golf available for short term leasing on fixed short term car leasing contracts and flexible car leasing plans. To find out more about leasing a VW Golf on Short Term contract please visit our website.

To discover our service, get in touch with us today by emailing:

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