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Benefits of Short Term Contract Hire

Benefits of Short Term Contract Hire

Whilst most Contract Hire & Leasing deals tend to last for 2 to 4 years, sometimes in life you need something a little shorter or flexible. Daily Rental vehicles over longer periods can work out really expensive, so whats the alternative?

Short Term Car Lease

Short Term Car Leases are available from ourselves in a couple of different forms:

  • Car Subscriptions
  • Flexible Car Leases
  • Short Term Car Leases

Our Car Subscriptions are ideal for those who need something they can pause, upgrade or downgrade their vehicle at anytime. One payment covers rental, maintenance, warranty, roadside assistance and RFL. So all you need to do is insure and fuel the car.

Flexible Car Leases or Long Term Car Hire is great for many businesses and individuals. You can take the vehicle for a minimum term of 28 days, our best prices are for rentals of 90 days or more. These continue until you give us 5 working days notice to return or at a cost, for us to collect the car. You can also keep the supplied vehicle for up to 12 months without it being swapped, unlike other firms offering the same service.

Short Term Car Leases or Short Term Fixed Car Leases are like traditional contract hire and leasing arrangements, but over a shorter time, usually between 5-12 months. You can’t specify a car and specification like you can with traditional leasing, but the range covers cars such as Audi, BMW, Citroen, Mercedes, Volvo and VW.

How are costs calculated?

With traditional leases, the rental is worked out by calculating the difference between the purchase price of the car and what the vehicle will be worth at the time of de-fleet. As you can imagine, the costs will be higher than a 2, 3 or 4 year contract as it does’t give the vehicle time to level out on its depriciation.

This is why things like milage parameters are quite strict. Its also really important to make sure you choose the mileage that suits you and/or your business at the beginning as excess mileage rates are usually much higher than traditional contract hire and leases.

What happens at the end of my term?

With a Car Subscription, Long Term Car Hire or Flexible Car Lease, if we don’t hear from you the contract will continue until we receive a return request or when it reaches 12 months.

On a Short Term Car Lease, a member of the team will be in touch to discuss renewal or the return of your vehicle. Its very difficult to extend or reduce the term of a short term car lease due the majority being on strict manufacturer buybacks.

When the vehicle is returned or collected, a person will go around the car with you to inspect the car for any visible damage or defects, this is just a walk-around look at the car and is not the full inspection. The vehicle is then subject to a more intense inspection by the manufacturer or supplier.

We always advise all of our customers to check the return conditions of any short term car lease contracts, as these do not have to meet the BVRLA fair, wear and tear guides and are as per the contract. You can see our latest return conditions by clicking the highlighted link.

Benefits to using Short Term Flexible Car Leases

Here are a few benefits to using short term flexible car leases, also known as long term car hire. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate in contacting our team on 0330 330 9425.

Benefits to using Fixed Short Term Car Leases

Fixed Short Term Car Leases are generally available on terms between 5-12 months and should be cheaper than the flexible car lease option. Here are a few benefits to using a fixed short term car lease. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate in contacting our team on 0330 330 9425.

Benefits to using a Car Subscription

Car Subscription services aren’t a new concept, we’ve been offering them for years. Essentially an all in one car payment that covers rental, maintenance, road fund licence, warranty and roadside assistance. All you need to do is fuel and insure the car.

If you have any questions on car subscriptions, please do not hesitate in contacting our team on 0330 330 9425.

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