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Company Car Allowance

Company Car Allowance

Many companies and employers have scrapped company car schemes and have opted to pay their employees a Car Allowance. This benefits the company by removing the “Whole Life Costs” of operating and administrating a company car. For the employee it removes any tax liabilities.

Employees who opt for the Car Allowance have a number of ways of getting a car using this cash alternative. Many opt to take the vehicle out on a PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) some opt to purchase and old banger out of Autotrader. However, more and more people look at taking a Short Term Car Lease to fill their car requirements.

How can a Short Term Car Lease help?

Many of our customers who have opted for the Car Allowance don’t want to commit themselves to a 2/3 year deal or even a finance agreement, so a short term car lease is ideal.

This could be for many reasons, but the main one given is Brexit and market uncertainty, in both their employers sector or with the car market. Especially with the pending changes to do with Electric cars and alternative fuel cars such as Hybrids.

We’ve got a couple of different offerings from flexible car leases, to long term car hire, to car subscriptions or fixed contracts between 5 and 12 months.

Most Car Allowance customers will take a flexible contract, this allows the customer to take the car for a minimum term of 28 days, best prices are from 90 days or more. The cars can be kept up to 12 months without being swapped and the majority include maintenance.

If you opt for a longer term lease down the line, we can run the flexible car right up until the delivery of your new wheels!

Benefits to Short Term Car Lease Contracts

There are many benefits to short term car leases and our flexible car lease range, but to give you a bit more information on these, please click on the link below to find out which solution works for you.

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