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Expat Car Leasing in the UK

Expat Car Leasing in the UK

We know how difficult it is to get finance or a credit line as an Expat, we deal with Expats on a daily basis. Sometimes the Expats are coming home for 3-6 months of the year, maybe you have a temporary job in the UK or maybe your company is not UK based and you are struggling to get a lease car.

Then speak to the experts at Short Term Car Leasing, we provide cars (and vans) to a number of Expats and will even meet you at any UK airport to handover your new wheels.

Our pricing is extremely competitive too!

Moving to the UK?

Expats coming to the UK, may do for various reasons. It could be for family, education or even a new job. It can be hard to get the same financial support that you get at home, so by providing our Expat Lease service, we take one thing off your mind. We can even put you in touch with professional relocation experts.

The customer will always be yours! Even if the customer tries to come direct we will still pay commission. The only caveat is that the customer was not already down as one of our customers and its not tagged against another broker.

All of the paperwork is sent out in the name of our trading company Cocoon Vehicles, however it is your responsibility to keep in touch with the customer.

We pay monthly commissions based on a percentage of the rental, these are paid as soon as the payment clears from the end user. Our systems keep track of the commissions and all you need to do is send us an invoice.

Working in the UK

Maybe you’ve got that job you have always wanted but have a few hurdles to face first as an Expat. Then our Short Term Car Leasing should take some of the weight off your mind. Our short term car solutions are great for those without a strong credit score.

Looking at bringing your own car to the UK?

Not always the best move, this is where we always advise to use our Short Term Leasing service. For expats, they can take their car to the UK on a temporary visit up to 6 months in a 12 month period. But don’t forget, you car needs to be insured, registered and taxed in your own country and as soon as you become a resident in the UK, the car must be registered and taxed correctly in the UK.

What car lease can I have as an Expat?

Depending on your circumstances, our Flexible and Long Term Car Hire options will be for you. We can run contracts for up to 12 months. Our underwriters are extremely experienced when it comes to Expats and need to see stability and affordability.

If its a new job that brings you to the UK then we need to see proof of employment, if its a long vacation we need to see financial backing or if you are over here on business we may need to credit check either yourself of your abroad based business.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a UK bank account, we can accept Direct Debit payments from over 22 Eurozone countries including Sweden. If you are in the USA or Canada, we can take payment via Visa, Mastercard or American Express using Credit Card Authority forms.

Have you had experience with Expats?

Yes we have, and believe it or not these have ranged from Military Figures to Footballers to TV/Movie Stars, all of whom have had similar issues in getting a car lease as an expat and of course, references are available on request.

The majority of our Expat Client base are foreign professionals and are well educated, they mainly earn a substantial salary yet fail to pass the standard credit checks of the UK. Our credit checking system can do overseas clearance to help our underwriters choose the right car.

Types of Expat Car Leases

Here is an example, currently showing on our website of the types of vehicles available. Whilst 65% of Expats do get accepted on standard terms, our underwriters may change the terms slightly due to risk and affordability. However please speak to us.

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