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Can I apply for a credit line?

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Can I apply for a credit line?

You can apply for a credit line to take vehicles off Short Term Car Leasing Ltd, the process is pretty straight forwards. You can request a Coporate Business Proposal form from a member of our team or you can download it directly from our website.

Complete this and send this in, our team will then forward this to our underwriters.

Our underwriters may come back with additional information required, this can be proof of address for the Directors, bank statements and even company accounts. The system we use in house is called Creditsafe, this will give us a monthly amount of money we can lend you.

Once a credit limit is in place, we then ask you to sign our TC1 Terms and Conditions.

Then whenever a vehicle is needed, call the team and they will arrnage this for you. We then send one Rental Agreement and deliver the car. Its best to have an insurance policy in place with ourselves, this can be a fleet policy or individuals.

For more information about getting a credit line for Short Term Vehicle leasing, please call us on 0330 330 9425

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