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Do I need to pay a refundable deposit on a short term vehicle?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pay a refundable deposit on a short term vehicle?

Depends on the type of contract you are on, either SHort Term Fixed or Short Term Flexible, the type of company you are and of course your credit score. Our underwriting team will inform you of this as part of their credit checking process if a deposit is required.

The refundable deposit will be returned, usually 28 days after the vehicle is returned. This can be longer depending on the circumstances and the condition of the vehicle.

If you owe money, we may set deposits against the amount due to us. If there is a abalance left over, we will remit this to you or hold as credit for future use. All deposits are returned to the bank details where your Direct Debit is set up. Please ensure the Direct Debit is still active.

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