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What is “Non-status” leasing?

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What is “Non-status” leasing?

Non-Status Leasing simply means that each proposal form received is dealt with on a case by case basis and not just purely credit checked through creditsafe and Experian.

Our underwriters are fantastic at looking at each individual or company application, looking at bank statements and making sure they the vehicle is affordable. This way, our short term products are open to more and more people and companies.

We look at everyones case differently and we have an extremely high acceptance rate for our short term products, with the majority getting standard terms on the contracts. Should you have alternative terms and you show us a good paying history, the terms would revert to standard terms.

New start businesses can also fall into the Non-Status category. They are overlooked by the major lenders as they typically don’t have any accounts filed or balance sheets. Our team can help, sometimes we may ask for Directors Guarantees or even a bond.

So how do we offer Non-Status? We offer our own vehicles on our own books, we take the risk. If we don’t like the look of an application and the evidence doesn’t stack up, then please don’t be offended by us saying no. It doesn’t happen often, but it happens.


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