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5008: The Perfect Family SUV

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5008: The Perfect Family SUV

In the market for a seven-seater? Then Peugeot may have the answer!


The brand-new SUV from the French manufacturer is sure to tick a lot of boxes for families looking for a new, stylish and modern take on a family car.


Perfect for everyday use or for a family get away this roomy SUV will have everything you could wish for when you’re packing in the luggage for a trip away. With plenty of room for suitcases, golf clubs, sporting equipment and everything a family could need the 5008 makes for a great purchase. The boot space is a whopping 720 litres and if you’re still struggling the two third row seats can be removed to create extra space of up to 1060 litres.


All seats, other than the drivers fold down, the back to can be completely removed and only weigh 11kg.


The 5008 and a great drive with an upmarket feeling and a demanding driving position. There’s a smart dashboard as well as automatic emergency braking and 360-degree parking cameras.


You won’t be spoilt for choice either with four petrol versions and six diesel options to choose from, not only that but there are also four trim packages to select from to really make the 5008 feel your own.


With a 0-62pmh in 10.4 seconds it’s more than adequate for any family’s requirements and the top speed reaches 117mph. With a starting price of £24,495 there is a lot of car for the money and the 54.3 miles per gallon isn’t to be sniffed at either.


With UK deliveries to be expected from January next year, this is sure to be an in-demand SUV, especially after the demise of the Renault Espace in the UK.


If you can’t wait until January, then ask us about other SUV’s we have available on short term lease. We have a range of cars available on as little as 28 day lease and we provide delivery nationwide. Give us a call today on 0330 330 9425 or complete the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


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