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What is Apple Car Play and who supports the system?

Volvo XC90 CarPlay Feature
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What is Apple Car Play and who supports the system?

What is Apple Car Play and who supports the system?

Apple launched Car Play a while back now, but manufacturers have been quite slow to adopt the intergration with their In Car Entertainment systems.

Car Play gives you direct access to your phone on the car’s entertainment module, with Siri, Maps and even the iTunes radio all within pressing distance of the driver and passenger. The aim is to provide uninterrupted access and integration with your phone, without having to touch your iPhone.

Whilst manufacturers have been slow to adopt and integrate the technology more and more of them are jumping on the back of Carplay. Expanding to different cars, that much so that Apple have now launched a dedicated section of its website to show which car makes and models are supported. CarPlay Support Page.

What is CarPlay?

CarPlay is simply an extension of your iPhone, displaying vital apps and services on your car’s ICE. It lets you access functions such as Maps, Music, Siri, Dictate messages and of course, take phone calls.

Which Cars Support CarPlay?

There are over 100 makes and models now offering CarPlay support, with more joining in. However large brands such as Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes and Volkswagen are offering upgrades and support for CarPLay.

Apple’s dedicated website lists all available makes and models, occasionally you may need to go down the options list of your new car purchase to ensure that you have full compatibility, as VW offer it as an option called Car Net or even App Connect.

What cars do Short Term Leasing offer with CarPlay?

At the moment, we do not add CarPlay on as an option as it does not effect the vehicles residual value and therefore we see it as no benefit to the vehicle, however we have seen a number of vehicles come with CarPlay including the fantastic Volvo XC90.

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