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Benefits of Flexible Car Leasing

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Benefits of Flexible Car Leasing

If you’re thinking about Car Leasing, then it is natural to want to weigh up the pros and the cons therefore, we have put together a quick guide to the benefits of flexible car leasing.


Firstly, there’s a giveaway in the title; It’s flexible! How often have you purchased a car or agreed to a long-term lease only to find yourself wishing that you could hand it back sooner? Well, with flexible leasing, you won’t need to worry. When you enter into a contract with us you’ll know right from outset that you have a flexible plan that will allow you to swap and change as your agreement allows.


It’s a great way to be able to try out various makes and models before committing, or if you’re someone who likes a brand new car regularly then you can do just that without the personal risk of deterioration.


Secondly, there’s also the added bonus that the car you’ll be leasing with be either brand new or nearly new. Who doesn’t want to make those monotonous journeys in a little luxury, surrounded with all the latest gadgets, with great fuel efficiency prospects and modern comfort.


If this hasn’t been enough to tempt you so far, then how about a reduction in maintenance issues? As the vehicle you’ll be leasing will be either brand new or nearly new, the risk of any serious maintenance or repair issues arising is fairly minimal. In most cases the vehicle will be under manufacture’s warranty throughout the period of the lease. Some of the vehicles available actually come with maintenance included but it can also be added as an option.


Lastly, you could be saving yourself money. When you enter into a flexible lease agreement you know exactly how much you’ll be paying and for how long. Often, a lease agreement can actually cost you less per month than a bank loan or PCP without the long-term commitment. Take the vehicle for 90 days or more to get the best price.


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