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BMW 530e Plug-in Hybrid

BMW 530e
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BMW 530e Plug-in Hybrid

If you’ve been on the fence about plug-in hybrids up until now, then you’re highly likely to be all for them after learning about the BMW 530e.


So the BMW 530e M Sport iPerformance Saloon, to give it its full name, is a petrol-electric plug-in hybrid with a low (9%) benefit in kind tax, perfect for those looking for a new company car and do their bit for the environment at the same time.


Official figures show that the CO2 emissions are impressive at 148.7mpg and 44g/km. Fitted with a 184bhp/290Nm 4-cylinder, 2-litre petrol engine combined with a 113bhp/250Nm electric motor, the car can reach speeds of 87mph on electric power alone.


If you want to know a little more about the drive, you’ll find that the driving position is excellent and everything you’d expect from a BMW is there as standard. There is an ‘eDrive’ button which allows the driver to opt between electric power and hybrid power, there is even the option to select the percentage of battery charge that to be maintained.


If you’re used to being able to select between driving modes, you won’t be disappointed as there is the option of Eco Pro, Comfort and Sport. What sets the 530e apart from other plug-in hybrids is the option to be able to select Sport mode but at the same time also select max edrive and this will reduce the interference of traction control meaning keen drivers have found an electric plug-in that will meet their requirements.


The iPerformance name is given for a reason; you’ll find a 0-62mph in just 6.2 seconds and the sporty handling comes as a result of the driving wheels being at the rear and the front wheels doing the steering.


Another advantage of the BMW 530e is the fact that this sporty car is actually comfortable. Not something that always go hand-in-hand.


The current electric driving range is 31 miles but is based on the smallest wheel and tyre size. You can expect a full charge in just 3 hours.


This car retails at £47,285 with plenty of options to choose from including Comfort Package, Parking Assistance Plus, M Sport Plus Pack, Electronic Damper Control, Electric Glass Sunroof, split folding rear seats, Driving Assist Plus and more.


If you haven’t dipped your toe into the hybrid market as yet, then this may just be the time. With a lease available from just 90 days at £799 + VAT per month, this is a lot of car for the money.


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