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Brexit: The best Roads you can drive here without going abroad

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Brexit: The best Roads you can drive here without going abroad

Brexit: The best Roads you can drive here without going abroad

Now we are poised to be leaving the EU, after last nights referendum result, its time to rethink those driving holidays. Ok, so we are being a little to over dramatic but we wanted to share with you some of the best roads you can drive on a perfect summers day, right here in the UK. Our three favourite are as follows:

Number 3: Newtown to Aberystwyth

Never overlook Wales when it comes to some fantastic drives, although this is at number 3, it has to be one of the most fantastic drives there is. One of which even the likes of Top Gear tend to use for showing off the latest supercars. From Newtown Tesco’s head towards Aberystwyth on some beautiful mountanious roads, sweeping in and out of hillsides getting higher and higher. For a small minute you may think you are in the Italian Alps. No hairpins, but just fast, sweeping roads.

Keep an eye out for any police lurking in laybys, but enjoy yourself. If you have a convertible and its not raining (usually is in Wales) then get the roof down, heaters on and blast through the mountains.

Number 2: Cat and Fiddle

I’m lucky enough to drive this road on a regular basis, in the winter it can be hard work, even in a BMW xDrive, however the road is perfect and favoured more by cyclists. There are Average Speed Cameras now, slowing you to 50mph but remember that is an average and some of the bends you will have to drop down to 20-30mph. Take the route from Buxton to Macclesfield, through winding countryside, bleak at some points but interesting. At some points you can see Manchester and the airport, if you have driven passed Peak View Tea Rooms, turn back and get some cake and tea, like all of the bikers do!

But be careful on the Cat and Fiddle, especially if you are on a motorbike as you don’t want to end up like this guy:

Number 1: Hardknott Pass

Certainly not for a quick drive, but don’t ever miss the opportunity to drive the Hardknott Pass. At night time, this road is less fun. Avoiding the tight bends and the sheep. In the daytime, the skill of getting around the corners and avoiding the hikers and the oncoming cars is much better. I’d recommend starting from the coast side and working your way in, once completed don’t forget to do Wrynose Pass.

Whats your favourite Road?

Let us know what your favourite road is and we’ll see about adding it as a blog post later on in the year.

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