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Cars for the Snow!

cars for the snow
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Cars for the Snow!

With snow forecast to fall over the UK this weekend, then our attention is easily turned to those cars that are perfectly cut out for the snow!


There are many cars that get the nod of approval from us but if you’re looking that a vehicle that certainly comes highly recommended by us then look no further than the BMW X3 and X5.


The X3 is a mid-sized SUV and pretty much had no competition when it sprung onto the market back in 2003. It’s consistently been a hit and held its own as many more SUV’s popped up to steal the X3’s crown.


As the weather takes a turn for the worse though, this is where the X3 comes into its own. The next edition X3 has had very little altered in the way of its visual proportions, other than a slight increase in overall length, but the X3 will be the first model from BMW to use a new lightweight, rear-wheel-drive chassis.


The exciting news comes in the form of the availability of plug-in hybrid model although it is understood that this is likely to arrive 18 months after the X3’s initial debut. This model will without doubt be the heaviest model in the range, expected to weigh over 2,000kg.


Entry-level sDrive rear-wheel-drive models will have a six-speed manual gearbox and should whilst four-wheel-drive xDrive versions still prove popular and will come with BMW’s eight-speed ZF automatic gearbox as standard.


If you prefer something a little bigger then the X5 might be more up your street.


The X5 is the first mainstream BMW to be offered as a plug-in hybrid. It also unusually has its power-socket concealing flap in one of the front wings.


The twin-engine, four-wheel-drive X5 however weighs a whopping 2.3 tonnes, but still reaches 0-62mph in 6.8sec and offers a combined fuel consumption of 86.5mpg although in the case of all plug-in hybrids, you’ll need regular access to a charge point to achieve such figures on the roads.


If you’re after the X5 Hybrid though for the seven seats, you’ll have to make the sacrifice and opt for just 5 as currently the X5 Hybrid doesn’t offer the seven-seat version. Due to the large battery, the engineers at BMW have had to forgo the two boot-mounted seats, resulting in a reduction of the available boot area from 650 litres to just 500 litres.


If you’re thinking about a hybrid, why not talk to us about your choices? We have great knowledge of electric and hybrid vehicles and we offer short-term leasing deals that will rival anybody else. Get in touch today on 0330 330 9425 or complete the form below and we will be in touch as soon as we can.


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