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Cheaper Motoring, More New Cars & Superb Car Leasing Deals

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Cheaper Motoring, More New Cars & Superb Car Leasing Deals


The world of motoring is certainly on the up.  As a leading short term car leasing company we can certainly vouch for that as we help more and more people with car leasing deals than ever before.  And the story is common across the whole of the UK, according to the BBC.  New car sales hit a ten-year high last year, with 2.47 million new cars registered, up 9 per cent on 2013’s figures.  Sales rose each month last year with December being the 34th consecutive monthly jump.

And fuel prices continue to decline!  Whether you own your own car or you drive a lease car, all drivers are enjoying the continuing fall in fuel prices.  As the benchmark Brent crude oil price dips below $50 per barrel, we could all soon be paying around the £1 per litre mark in no time at all. According to leading analysts, the cost of Brent crude could fall to as low as $45 or even $40 per barrel, so there are even more savings to come.

With more and more car models available on 2015 short term leasing deals, from 3 month car leasing deals to 6 month and 12 month deals, check out next week’s blog to find out more.  In the meantime, for more information on our current car leasing deals, get in touch now!

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