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Forty Year Old Cars Exempt from MOT

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Forty Year Old Cars Exempt from MOT

It has been announced that from next year, cars that are aged 40 years old or older will be exempt from the roadworthiness MOT.


Cars that were built and registered before 1978 will no longer be required to have a MOT certificate, according to The Department for Transport.


The new rules will apply from May 2018, this will see 300,000 cars on UK roads which no longer require the annual MOT test. This figure will add to 200,000 cars in use today which were registered or built prior to 1960 that are currently no longer required to take the roadworthiness check.


With 31.7 million cars on the UK roads today, the new allowances will mean that approximately 1.5% of cars will be on the roads without a certificate to say that they are safe to do so.


Many people have spoken out about concerns they have for both those drivers of cars that are four decades old as well as other road users. For those older car owners who are concerned about the safety of their vehicle, they can enter their car into a test centre for a voluntary MOT.


Jesse Norman MP clarified that ‘Lighter vehicles (such as cars and motorcycles) and those larger vehicles such as buses which are not used commercially’ will be exempt under the new rules. Jesse also added

‘Heavy Goods Vehicles and Public Service Vehicles falling under operator licensing regulations will remain within the scope of roadworthiness testing.


If older vehicles aren’t your thing, but you like the sound of not having to enter your vehicle for an MOT each year, then you may be tempted to look at a new vehicle which under current laws don’t require a MOT test until they reach 3 years old.


With a short-term lease, the requirements for MOT won’t be a headache at all. Short Term Leasing off leases as short as 28 days and you’ll find that the vehicles are either brand new or nearly new. Ask us about our leasing options today and find the right lease for you! Call 0330 330 9425 or complete the form below and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can.


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