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Geneva Motor Show 2017

Geneva Motor Show 2017
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Geneva Motor Show 2017

It’s that time of year again when car enthusiasts flock to Geneva for the annual motor show and this year it kicked off on Tuesday 7th March.


With an exciting line up including the new Honda Civic Type R with a reported top speed of 170mph, the AGM GT as well as the stunning McLaren 720S.


Excitement has fluttered around the McLaren 720S which is a replacement for the 650S. This beautiful looking 2-seater supercar, with a 4-litre, twin turbo V8 engine, goes on sale in May. This beast of a car has a carbon fibre frame with aluminium space frames carrying the front and rear suspension. With 710bhp, the 720S promises the ride of your life and with the new ‘double-skin’ doors that eliminates the requirement for prominent side air scoops previously considered essential.


If your budget doesn’t stretch to that of a McLaren, then the all new Honda Civic might be more up your street. As we’ve already mentioned the new model has a top speed of 170mph, a whopping 316bhp and a 0-60mph in just over 5 seconds. Not bad for a smaller car but if you’re looking to buy you won’t be able to get your hands on this model until the autumn as production in the UK starts during the summer.


There has also been quite a lot of interest shown in the new Volvo XC60, with an increase in interest in SUVs generally. With the XC60 you can expect premium interiors plenty of space, lots of extras and gadgets as well as and a high-quality feel and a very competitive price tag.


Opening to the general public commences today so if you’re attending why not get in touch and let us know your thoughts?


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