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Golf GTD Offers

golf gtd offers
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Golf GTD Offers

When it comes to the Golf GTD, what’s not to love?


With this diesel version of the Golf GTI you can’t go far wrong and we’ve got some great deals currently available that’ll make this Golf all the more desirable. Not familiar with the GTD? Let us fill you in…


If the GTI is a little too ‘show off’ for you then you’ll welcome this diesel more understated version. There’s none of the lairy body trim but you’ll still appreciate the GTD’s looks with its rear spoiler, honeycomb grill and the standard but very attractive 18inch alloy wheels.


The 2-litre engine produces the same 258 lb ft torque as the Golf GTI and is set up to provide a great sporty drive. You can choose from either a three or a five-door model, and manual or DSG (semi-automatic) gearbox. The GTD is economical yet grips the roads and provides a fantastic smooth drive, with a 0-62mph in 7.5sec and a top speed of 148mph it’s a great car all round! If sporty isn’t your thing then you can opt to drop the car into Eco or Normal versions for a more luxurious and environmentally friendly ride.


You won’t be let down by the interior either with great comfortable seats, plenty of legroom both in both the front and the rear, and a boot that is more than ample for most people’s needs. The cloth seats are stylish and after dark the interior comes alive as almost every button, dial and control is lit with soft white lighting including the door panels which get their very own strip of white light.


If you like the sound of the Golf GTD then we have some deals that you’re bound to love and we’ve got plenty in stock too! Check out the range.


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