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Hybrid Cars on Short-Term Lease

hybrid cars on short term lease
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Hybrid Cars on Short-Term Lease

If you’ve been undecided on whether or not to take the plunge and go for a hybrid, or even a fully electric car, then Short Term Leasing may just have the answer for you!


We understand that buying any new car can be a risk, will it be reliable? Will you enjoy driving the car? Will you still be happy with your purchase 6 months in? There are so many questions that we have to give consideration to and then when you do decide to take the plunge there’s often a steep price to pay if you’re not entirely satisfied.


There is a way however to mitigate all the risk and get those unsettling questions answered before you splash the cash and that’s with a short-term lease.


Here at Short Term Leasing, we offer a wide range of hybrids and electric vehicles that can be leased from as little as 28 days. There will be no ongoing costs of MOT’s and servicing with a short-term lease and you can try as many of the different makes and models as you like before you finally commit.


With short-term leases on hybrid and electric vehicles starting from as little as £409 + VAT per calendar month it really is a fantastic way of trying before you buy.


If that wasn’t enough, you’ll find electric cars have zero road tax and you won’t get stung with the new Diesel Tax in numerous cities around the country.


So, what cars can you lease with Short Term Leasing? View the range here.


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