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Lamp Posts to become Electric Charging Points

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Lamp Posts to become Electric Charging Points

The future certainly appears to be looking bright for the electric vehicle market when it comes to consumers being able to charge their motors.


With more than 14,000 chargers available at present, and superchargers being offered by the likes of Tesla and Shell there are more and more offerings of convenient chargers for motorists all over the country.


The Government plans to ensure that by 2040 that only electric and hybrid vehicles will be available for purchase, but with only 14,000 electric charging points currently there is big progress to be made to be able to provide charging for the 45 million licence holders in the UK.


Although there are many ideas circulating for charging points and how these can be integrated for countrywide use, one solution that has been suggested is to convert existing lamp posts into electric vehicle charging points.


There are currently trails taking place in London to see how this works with seven existing lamp posts having been converted into charging points, there are also plans to introduce another 50 throughout the capital.


The energy provider OVO have teamed up with German tech company Ubitricity to provide ‘SimpleSockets’. These are fitted onto existing lamp posts to enable users to charge their car with 100% renewable energy.


There is the advantage of using existing street lighting and avoiding having to use additional pavement space to erect new charging points and also the cost is greatly reduced.


With pollution levels being higher than is acceptable in London, it makes perfect sense to do the trials in the capital. Currently the seven charging points are situated in Westminster, Barnes, Twickenham, Chelsea, Richmond and Kensington but as many households don’t have off road parking, the chance to use existing lamp posts sure looks to be a great solution for the growing demand.


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