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More Diesel Decline

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More Diesel Decline

The push to go ‘green’ along with the emissions scandal of recent years, the effects are being seen in a decline of both the amount of diesel cars that are being purchased as well as being produced by the manufacturers.


Recent announcements have been made by Porsche and Fiat Chyrsler that they are going to be ditching the diesel from their production line due to both plummeting sales as well as difficulty meeting stricter emissions standards.


Although the change won’t happen overnight, there has been a noticeable reduction in the number of diesels that are being purchased as new, it is thought for fears about their residual value further down the line.


Porsche stated that there will be no diesel models offered across their range and stated back in November that this was due to a ‘cultural shift’ and we feel it will be really interesting to see how both Porsche and other manufacturers progress towards greener motoring.


The last diesel models that Porsche produced, released only last November, were the Panamera S and the Macan S are no longer available to new-car buyers. They German car maker in fact only introduced diesel nine years ago when it introduced the high-performance SUV to add to their blossoming sports car range.


Following on from the reduction in Diesels by Porsche, there is an inclination that Porsche may have a ‘next-generation’ hydrid 911 in the pipeline.


With so many manufacturers looking to go green, now is the time to savour the diesel without the commitment and take your favourite model on a short-term lease.


Short Term Leasing can provide new or nearly new vehicles all over the country for as little as just 28 days. We can provide for both individuals or even companies looking for a shorter-term lease deal for members of staff.


Whatever your requirements, get in touch now and speak to the team about your short-term car leasing requirements 0330 330 9425 or complete the form below and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can.


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