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The New Short Term Leasing Contract

The new short term car contract
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The New Short Term Leasing Contract

If you haven’t already heard, our Short Term Contracts are changing!


In light of carrying out customer feedback (yep, we listen to you folks!) as well as changes in the way that our vehicle suppliers charge, we have decided to revise all of our Short Term Flexi and Fixed Contracts to ensure we’re more competitive!


Going forward, we will no longer be taking refundable deposits on either of our Flexi or Fixed contracts and we won’t be taking a higher initial payment either. What we will be doing is taking the 1st month’s rental along with a Documentation Fee of just £175 + VAT. There will be no delivery charges for any delivery in either England or Wales either. We know, we’re too good to you, but wait, there’s more…


Our Flexible Contracts


Better than ever and much more affordable than previously, our Flexible contracts are much cheaper than using a Daily Rental vehicle over a long period of time. Simply add fuel and insurance and you’re good to go as the majority of our flexible vehicles include maintenance as standard ensuring true fixed cost motoring.


Our Flexi contracts start with the 1st month’s rental payable plus a Documentation Fee of just £175 + VAT and then the monthly payments simply continue until you give us at least 7 days written notice to return the vehicle.


Our Fixed Contracts


Available on 6, 7, 9 and 12 month contracts, our Fixed contracts are available on a wide range of vehicles.


The 6 month contracts typically consist of 1 month’s rental upfront along with a Documentation Fee followed by the remaining monthly rentals.


There are generous mileage allowances on Fixed contracts and should you want to you can add optional maintenance. Simply contact us at the end of the contract or we will get in touch with you to discuss either a replacement or for you to return the vehicle.


Whichever option you feel is the right one for you, we simply require you to pass a satisfactory credit assessment. If you’re a new-start business or you’re classed as non-status then contact the team who will be able to discuss your options with you.


Want to find out more or discuss this is more detail? Give us a call! 0330 330 9425 or complete the form below and we will be in touch as soon as we possible can!


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