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Short Term Car Leasing and 2015 Driving License Changes

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Short Term Car Leasing and 2015 Driving License Changes


It’s been another busy week in the world of short term car easing and contract hire, and our customers often turn to us for information about all things motoring.  A subject we’re often asked about is what’s happening with the new driving licenses?

Well it’s all change over at the DVLA this year what with the abolition of tax discs this October, and next year there’s another radical change; the scrapping of the paper counterpart of the driving license.  From next year, the DVLA will cease issuing the counterpart and drivers who already own the paper part can simply destroy it, or it can be used to change your address with the DVLA. However, you can change your address online, so there’s no real need to retain it, unless you wear your points as a badge of honour.  Of course you don’t!

As it’s done with the new tax disc system, the DVLA is launching a new digital enquiry service that will allow the information currently seen on the paper counterpart to be viewed online.  However, this information will only be made available to people with a business need, such as an insurance company, and only with the knowledge of the driving license holder.

So there we have it! If there’s any element of motoring you’d like more information on, simply get in touch.  And for the latest in short term car lease deals, from 3 month car lease deals, to 6 and 12 month plans, keep visiting our website for the very best car leasing deals.

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