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Short Term Leasing Ideal For Start-ups

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Short Term Leasing Ideal For Start-ups

We touched on this a few weeks ago, but as we take more enquiries from new business owners and we read more about the government’s strive to encourage small businesses, we thought we’d echo the merits of small term car leasing for small business start-ups.

Of course, starting out in business requires almost military-style planning and projections. Short term car leasing provides business owners with fixed cost motoring, because with most leasing deals the car’s servicing and often tyres are covered by the leasing company. The second key benefit to short term leasing is the flexibility if provides. In the early moths and years of a new business, staff levels and strategic direction might fluctuate in both directions from time to time. In cases where businesses might acquire vehicles on long term leases, their staff levels might fluctuate, but they don’t have the flexibility to chop and change their vehicles and might be lumbered with vehicles they are paying for and yet not using.

Financial status is a big, big factor in many cases too. When it comes to long term leasing, most car leasing companies will ask the customer for evidence of 3 to 4 years worth of positive accounts, something which, of course, won’t be available. So short term contract hire leasing is a way around this. With as short term car leasing deal, no accounts have to be produced and customers can signup for 3 month car leasing deals, 6 month car leasing deals and 12 month car leasing deals. So in essence, short term deals are easier to acquire, demand far less commitment and allow you to control your finances more easily.  For more info, get in touch now!

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