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What Short Term Leasing Customers Kids Think Of Their Parents Driving

What is Short Term Leasing
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What Short Term Leasing Customers Kids Think Of Their Parents Driving

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Short Term Leasing has a great selection of Ford’s on fixed short term contract hire. Across the region, we’ve happy drivers who in many cases will be transporting their children too. But what do the nation’s kids really think about their parents’ driving?

Ford have recently produced a video in which nursery children describe their parents aggressive road habits and admit that their fathers are better drivers than their mothers even! Asked a series of questions including; “which of your parents is a better driver?” and “do your parents ever get annoyed in the car?” – one girl even admits that her mother “beeps all the way to nursery and all the way home”.

Ford also surveyed 2,000 children across Europe and 61 per cent felt that their dad was a better driver, even though recent research actually indicates that women are the best drivers.

Very amusing stuff, we have to say, and you can watch the video here.

To see our array of Ford’s on fixed term short term leasing, click here now.

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