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Non-Status Contract Hire and Leasing

Non-Status Contract Hire and Leasing

If you’ve been turned down for car finance then your options maybe limited, however, we offer a Non-Status Car Leasing scheme for those who have been declined in the past.

This could be due to you being a new start business, negative accounts, poor previous credit such as missed payments or CCJ’s or maybe you’ve not got any history in the UK.

Here at Short Term Car Leasing Ltd, we could help you get a car. Our experienced underwriters look at your credit checks and you will need to demonstrate affordability and have a history of stability with your residential addresses.

We offer a small selection of vehicles open to Non-Status Car Leasing, the initial payments and refundable deposits maybe higher, however, the monthly payment is the same as those offered to prime customers.

If you keep your account in good form following the Traffic Light system, when it comes to renewal we will offer standard terms and your options of short term car leases increases due to additional suppliers accepting your history.

What is Non-Status Leasing

Non-status usually means you have a bad credit score, this can be for a number of reasons such as no credit history, missed payments, CCJ’s or IVA’s or discharged bankrupt. For businesses this could be due to being a newly incorporated company, negative shareholder funds or overseas parent company.

We have helped all of the above people including Expats and Overseas Visitors coming to the UK to get a more affordable car than using daily rental or other sub-prime channels.

The risk for both the funder and the supplier is higher than usual, so initial payments, guarantees/indemnities or refundable deposits maybe higher, we also charge a higher documentation fee of £275.00 + VAT due to the additional checks we need to run.

Check your credit rating before applying

We would suggest checking your credit score with one of the credit reference agencies before applying for any credit, this helps you make sure that the reported information is correct.

Here at Short Term Car Leasing Ltd we currently use TransUnion (Creditsafe) and Experian to provide us with a score.

Our partners at CheckMyFile are offering a 30 day free trial to check your credit rating, they look at multiple CRA’s so you can see the information for all.

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What happens at the end of my non-status lease?

If you have kept your account in good form during your term or review period, then you will revert on to standard terms as with our prime customers.

If you have missed payments or have not kept your account in good shape then we may decide not to continue with yourself or the higher non-status initial payment will be levied along with the original terms offered.

You do not have to accept these terms and you are more than welcome to go elsewhere.

When the vehicle is returned or collected, a person will go around the car with you to inspect the car for any visible damage or defects, this is just a walk-around look at the car and is not the full inspection. The vehicle is then subject to a more intense inspection by the manufacturer or supplier.

We always advise all of our customers to check the return conditions of any short term car lease contracts, as these do not have to meet the BVRLA fair, wear and tear guides and are as per the contract. You can see our latest return conditions by clicking the highlighted link.

Benefits to using our Non-Status Car Leasing

Here are a few of the benefits in using us for your non-status contract hire or lease.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate in contacting our team on 0330 330 9425.

  • In-House Credit Checking

    We use specialist external underwriters to carry out the checks on non-status car leases. They need to prove affordability and stability and will look at all circumstances, as everyone deserves a second chance.

  • New and Nearly New Cars

    The majority of our non-status lease cars are new or nearly new vehicles, with warranty, roadside assistance, road fund licence all included within the monthly cost. Maintenance is also included on a lot of our vehicles.

  • Poor Credit History or Bad Credit History

    We can accept customers who have had; poor accounts, new start businesses, poor credit history, bad credit history, CCJ's, Arrears or Defaults, IVA, CVA or Bankrupts or Poor Electoral Roll History.

  • Traffic Light System

    If you stay green during your term or review period, when it comes to renewal we will revert you to standard customers terms. We use a traffic light system to keep an eye on your account. Click the link for more information.

  • Quick Turnaround Times

    From Application to Decision our external underwriters are really quick, this is depending on receiving the required information requested. Once the terms have been agreed then you can accept them or leave them. Credit lines usually stay active for 3 months before being delted.

  • Credit Limits

    Our external underwriters will assign you with a credit limit, this is the maximum monthly rental you are able to take. We do not accept any payments upfront for higher value vehicles as we want you to demonstrate affordability.

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