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Short Term Car Leases

Short Term Car Leases

Short Term Car Leases aren’t a new concept, however, there are more and more companies offering this short term car solution. Short Term Car Lease is generally a fixed term contract over a shorter period than traditional contract and hire, this is usually between 5 and 12 months.

Here at Short Term Car Leasing Ltd we do also offer different options such as flexible car leasing, flexi 12, long term car hire and even car subscriptions. But the majority of our customers prefer a fixed contract which generally works out cheaper than the other short term options.

What are Short Term Car Leases?

Short Term Car Leases is a short to mid-term contract hire or lease. The majority of these contracts are between 5-12 months, they differ from traditional contract hire and leases in that you cannot specify the car.

The cars offered are generally brand new or nearly new and have already been bulk ordered from the manufacturer. The vehicle manufacturer dictates the terms with many VW’s being available on 6 month contracts, Audi’s on 7 month contracts and Citroens being on 12 month contracts.

Our most popular contract length for a short term car lease is 6 month car leases and 12 month car leases. We now also offer Flexi 12 contracts on a different range of vehicles, this gives our customers an option to terminate a 12 month car lease with no termination costs.

Benefits of Short Term Car Leases

There are lots of benefits to Short Term Car Leases whether you are an individual, one man business or a multi national company. We deal with all of them.

Short Term Car Leases work well in many situations including new start employees on probation periods, short term projects or even customers who just want a new car every 6-12 months.

Some of our customers use the short term car leases as incentives for staff to do better and hit targets, the better the sales the better the car.

Larger companies use short term car leases for overseas workers coming into the UK, providing a meet and greet service at an airport and a familiarisation drive to get used to driving in the UK.

Some customers live out in the countryside so want a 4×4 or SUV for the winter months and a sporty coupe in the summer months.

There are many benefits like the ones above, but it also allows you to test out cars before making longer term commitments.

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