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Short Term Car Leasing – No Credit Check?

Short Term Car Leasing – No Credit Check?

We carry out credit checks – this is for Anti-Money Laundering and Verification, however, we do offer a non-status short term car lease on our GL and LG reference vehicles based on your affordability and stability. Non-status car leasing is ideal for those with previous poor credit history, no UK history such as Expats or those with new business start-up’s.

The process is simple, our underwriters look at every application on a case-by-case basis. Their job is to assess the application for affordability. If you are an individual we need to see employment and an income or at least some sort of proof of earnings. If you are business we may look at each of the Directors.

Will I get accepted?

Applications for this “Credit Check” have a high acceptance rate. However depending on your history underwriters may ask for a guarantor, a higher initial rental, a higher monthly rental or even a deposit bond. This means that the contract may differ from those on our website and the selection of vehicles maybe limited to a particular supplier.

We’d prefer it if you didn’t pay for the rentals upfront as well, we like to see the history of your payments to show you can afford the car on a monthly basis. If you complete the review period and do not miss any payments, you will revert to standard terms.

For more information about short term car leases or Non-Status car leasing, please contact the team or use the form below. We are always ready to help and listen!

Non-Status Car Lease Deals

We have a number of Non-Status Car Lease Deals based on GL and LG references, here is a small selection below. Terms and refundable deposits may differ.

Expat / Overseas Car Leasing

As an Expat / Overseas visitor to the UK, we know its not easy to get a car lease or finance for a car, yet a car is an essential mode of transport for many.

We offer a range of cars on our short term car lease programs suitable for Expats and Overseas Visitors, our experienced underwriters will carry out checks and employment verifications and allow you the option to get into a car.

Find out more about Expat cr leasing by clicking the button below!

Get in Touch About Car Leasing

For more information on Short Term Car Leases, please call the team on 0330 330 9425 oe email us at Alternatively, please complete the form at the bottom of this website.

Check Your Credit File with a 30 day Free Trial

We’re offering our customers a 30 day free trial to – It allows you to get your credit report from Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. It will show your history for the last 6 years, enables you to track your balances and helps you to identify any issues.

No Credit Check Car Lease Deals

We’ve teamed up with to help those with bad credit including people with CCJ’s, IVA’s and Bankruptcy, to get a car.

Acceptance rates are extremely high so long as the documentation requested has been sent through to their team.

Try it today, the form takes no longer than 5 minutes to complete and the turnaround is fast.

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