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Short Term Cars

Short Term Cars

We have a number of Short Term Cars available from Short Term Car Leasing Ltd on Short Term Car Leases, Car Subscriptions, Long Term Car Hire and Flexible Car Leases.

On our Long Term Car Hire, Car Subscription, Flexi 12 and Flexible Car Leases we generally have the cars in stock ready to be delivered. They are from a wide range of manufacturers including Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Land Rover, Volkswagen and Volvo.

On Short Term Car Leases, our contracts usually run from 5 to 12 months, with our most popular contract being a 6 month car lease or a 12 month car lease.

Please see below a small selection of our short term cars and see which one fits around you and your business.

Short Term Car Leases - 6-12 Months

Short Term Car Leases are generally fixed terms and run from 5-12 months. The vehicle make and model dictates the term of the agreement and these cannot be changed. As they are fixed contracts they cannot be reduced or extended without penalties. Please see a small selection of our short term car leases below:

Flexible Car Leases / Long Term Car Hire

Flexible Car Leases are generally known as Long Term Car Hire arrangements, they can be taken from 28 days, with our best prices for 90 days or more. They work out cheaper than traditional daily rental vehicles. Please see a small selection of examples below:

Car Subscriptions

Car Subscriptions is a new word darting around the car industry, similar to the Netflix business model, a car subscription allows you to subscribe to a car giving you the flexibility to pause, upgrade or downgrade with ease. Huge choice of vehicles with the monthly subscription covering rent, maintenance, roadside assistance, warranty and RFL. All you need to do is fuel and insure. Please see a few examples below:

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