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Vehicle Leasing with Poor Credit

Vehicle Leasing with Poor Credit

Whilst all of the paperwork goes out with Cocoon Vehicles logo’s and addresses on the customer always belongs to you. This is unless the customer is already on our books or one of our partners hasn’t already referred the customer to us.

Our system will always show the original broker and even if the customer comes direct to ourselves, we will still pay commission should they not want your involvement.

We do this as we want to keep the relationship between ourselves and the brokers professional at all times.

Short Term Leasing can help you get into a car or van, even if you have poor credit. It doesn’t matter if you are a Business or an individual with poor credit history, we can still help you by placing you into a Short Term Vehicle on our Non-Status Vehicle Leasing Schemes.

Main stream funders such as Arval, Lex Autolease and Lombard have more stringent guidelines when providing customers with credit lines when they have got poor credit, we write our own contracts, so with the help of our experienced underwriters we find the best solution for you.

“Main stream funders are much stricter on their credit line criteria, this is where we come in!”

Since 2007 we have been providing vehicles to individuals and businesses with poor or adverse credit and it started right on the back of the financial crisis. We offered vehicles out to companies even when these main stream funders said no and we haven’t looked back.

Is this Non-Status Leasing?

Non-status is a term used in this industry that categorises a customer as not having the correct profile for a main stream credit line. However, we look at each and every customer that applies with poor credit or CCJ’s on a case-by-case basis. Our underwriters look into every little details from affordability to job stability for individuals, projected sales to failed businesses for companies.

The majority of our customers are accepted on standard terms as offered to our customers (60% as of April 2016), however alternative terms, guarantees and/or indemnities maybe required, just in case anything should take a turn for the worse. However, we have found in the past that the majority of customers with poor credit, actually want to start building their credit history and not make it any worse.

I am bankrupt, can I still get a vehicle lease?

We have had many customers since 2007 who have either been or are still in a bankruptcy term. We are happy to look at all circumstances and see if we can help. At the end of the day, most people need a vehicle to help them earn some money. So why would we say no.

How Short Term Car Leasing can help you!

We work with individuals and businesses to write non-status and poor credit leasing on our own contracts, its our risk but backed up by our team of experienced underwriters. Should you have CCJ’s or be a bankrupt, be open and honest with our team. They hear the stories day in day out, so they really haven’t heard anything thats out of the ordinary before. From the financial crisis effecting them, to a painful divorce or even just as simple as a main contract being cancelled, these can all effect credit and the workings of your personal and business finances.

What do our customers think?

“I have poor credit due to a divorce, I lost my house, my kids and even my dog but I still had a job and needed to keep it as it was the last thing I had to focus on. I have been with Short Term Leasing now since 2013, started with a VW Polo and now I have a lovely VW Golf GTD. I had a few issues a year in, but they actually worked with me and not against me. I can’t thank Paul and the team enough and would recommend them to anyone” – Anonymous, Aberystwyth

“I found STL on Google, I needed something quick to get my business off the ground after I got defrauded by my ex-business partner. I needed some vans and a pickup truck for a council project I had picked up in Rotherham. Myron organised me these plus a Mini Countryman for my wife. They weren’t expensive compared with my other option; Daily Rental and the process was easy. I can now get long term funding, which again STL helped me out with. But my wife and my own car is through STL still. Not because we can’t now get credit, but we love the service and I get to change my car on a regular basis” – J Love, London

“I have poor credit and needed a car for my new job. Short Term Leasing helped me to get a little Citroen DS3 in white on an 18 month contract. It was brand new, helped me look the part and is actually cheaper than buying a car from a local firm that offered poor credit leasing. When my contract is up I’d love to get myself into a Golf.” Anonymous, Derby

How do I apply?

The process for applying is simple, you can complete the contact forms on a vehicle you may have found on the website. A few examples are listed below from both our Short Term Fixed and our Short Term Flexible range of vehicles.

You can also complete the form below and a member of our sales team will get in touch or you can call us on 0330 330 9425.

Check Your Credit File with a 30 day Free Trial

We’re offering our customers a 30 day free trial to – It allows you to get your credit report from Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. It will show your history for the last 6 years, enables you to track your balances and helps you to identify any issues.

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