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Flexible 12 Month Car Lease

If you’re looking for a flexible 12 month car lease, then you need to have a look at our Flexi 12 Month Flexible Car Leases.

These are contracts where we commit a vehicle to you for 12 months, without it being swapped but you can actually end the contract by giving us 5 days notice with no termination charges or settlement costs. The car is still subject to an inspection and will require to be returned to us in the required standards.

These flexible 12 month car leases are ideal for those in new start jobs, for staff in probation periods or just to cover the current time of uncertainty. It can save companies hundreds of £££’s as it enables you to expand the fleet easily, but should a member of staff leave, there are no storage costs, no early termination charges and no settlement fee’s for the unwanted car.

The benefit of being able to keep the car for upto 12 months is also extremely beneficialy. Many of the other short term car lease companies require a change of vehicle which can be as soon as 3 months, but traditionally 12 months.

Its easy to get one of our Flexi 12 contracts; Apply for a credit line, choose a vehicle, make sure the mileage is correct for you and your needs and pay the initial rental. You can then run the vehicle until its natural end of 12 months, or give us 5 working days notice via our online form to return the vehicle.

If you’d like more information on the Flexi 12 contracts, please do give the STCL team a call on 0330 330 9425 or complete the enquiry form on the vehicle page.


i4 Gran Coupe 250kW eDrive40 M Sport 83.9kWh Auto


V Class Estate V300 d 237 AMG Line 9G-Tronic [Long] Auto


MG5 Estate 115kW Excite EV 61kWh Auto


1 Series Hatchback 116d M Sport Manual


1 Series Hatchback 118i SE [Live Cockpit Pro] Auto

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we offer both fixed options with early termination charges and our Flexi 12 contract which is the page you are currently on.

This enables you to keep the same car for up to 12 months without it being swapped, but also the added advantage of being able to terminate the contract with 5 written days notice.

When you reach the natural end of the Flexi 12 contract, our sales team will be in touch about cars we currently have. You can then start again on a new Flexi 12 contract or take a vehicle from one of our other short term car options.

The car can be returned to our specified de-fleet centre free of charge, we can also collect for a charge. All vehicles are subject to a walkaround inspection but will be subject to a more thorough in-depth inspection for which we base our final bills, if you have returned the car outside of the contracted return conditions.

We like to be upfront and honest, therefore, as this is a short term product, these cars are not covered by the BVRLA fair, wear and tear guide and are subjected to return standards as set out on our website and within the contract.

We do however, follow the BVRLA code of conduct for rental companies.

The majority of the cars are new and will not have been driven, however, they may have already been registered due to the deals that we have to commit to.

If the car has got mileage on it, we will make this clear from the beginning.

It is not possible to specify the options on our vehicles due to the way these cars are purchased, however, a member of the sales team will supply a list of the specification before ordering, if asked.

On the majority of our cars, it is possible to put a private plate (cherished plate) on our 12 month car leases.

We do charge an admin fee to add this and take it off at the end, along with any DVLA related charges.

It is your responsibility to contact us in plenty of time to remove the plates and this cannot be done after the vehicle has been returned.


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