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About Short Term Car Leasing Ltd

Short Term Car Leasing Ltd is one of the main players in the Short Term Car Leasing markets. With access to over 1000 vehicles, our vehicles can be made available quickly and we can be as flexible with the terms as possible.

We offer Audi, BMW, Citroen, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes, MINI, Volkswagen and Volvo which are mainly brand new or at least nearly new on a short term car lease. Be it flexible, fixed between 5-12 months or on a car subscription.

Different Short Term Car Leases

We offer a number of different short term car leases to suit you and your business, these are as follows:

  • Short Term Flexible Car Leasing
  • Short Term Fixed Contracts – 5-12 month contracts
  • Car Subscriptions
  • Expat Car Leasing
  • Flexi 12 Contracts – 12 Month Car Leases with no early termination charges
  • Commercial Short Term Car Leases

Please see the sections below for an explanation of the deals that we offer here at Short Term Car Leasing Ltd.

Why we want to be different

We original started the business based on our experiences of working in dealerships and set the business up to be a contract hire and leasing broker, things soon changed due to the credit crunch and we were finding that the funders were tightening their underwriting criteria.

A major funder gave us a credit line, this enabled us to purchase 5x Audi A3’s and 2x VW Sciroccos, we started putting these vehicles out in a flexible short term basis. This soon became extremely popular and as of August 2019, we now operate over 300 vehicles on a short term basis.

Staff have changed over the years, but our ethics remain the same. We’re upfront about our costs and want our customers to read our return conditions at the beginning of the contract, to stop any nasty shocks at the end. We also help many non-status customers, new businesses and expats get into cars.

Whilst Car Subscriptions maybe a new word thats being passed around the car industry, we were one of the first companies to offer this service to both businesses and individuals. A subscription whereby you receive a car, maintenance, roadside assistance, warranty and all you need to do is fuel and insure the vehicle. We now work alongside 2 of the largest car subscription companies in the United Kingdom to expand our offering and vehicle range.

The vehicles that we offer on short term car leases are generally brand new or pre-registered with little or no mileage on the clock. Most of the vehicles come direct from manufacturers or suppliers and you can expect that they have been given the once over to ensure that they are up to the quality, we expect.

Return conditions are much stricter and short term car leases, car subscriptions and flexi-rent vehicles do not have to follow the BVRLA fair, wear and tear guides. We urge all customers to read these before taking out a contract.

The benefits of short term car lease or flexible car lease are endless but these can be ideal as they offer:

  • No Length Contracts
  • Free Delivery in England and Wales on Fixed Short Term Car Leases
  • New or Nearly New Cars
  • Maintenance Included on the majority of our Flexi-rent cars
  • Maintenance Optional on Fixed contracts
  • Short Term Hires available from 1- 12 months
  • Non-Status Available
  • Available to Expats.


Short Term Car Leases and Flexible Leases can be ideal for businesses, should a member of staff leave you won’t be stuck with the car, initial payments are generally lower and you can refresh the fleet easier and quicker.

Have a short term project, then our short term car leases can help you to stay mobile. Weather bad where you live, take a 4×4 for the winter and a coupe for the summer.

Its short term, easy and reasonable on costs!

Part of Cocoon Vehicles

The Short Term Car Leasing Team


Flexible Short Term Car Leasing

Flexible Car Leasing or Long Term Car Hire as its also known as is a convenient way of expanding your fleet quickly and easily. We offer cars from just 28 days, with our best prices if you commit to 90 days or more. Its a service that can fit around your lifestyle or business commitments and easily changed with customer demand or even the weather.

In Stock cars can be delivered as soon as the next working day (when a credit line is in place) and the majority of the cars include maintenance. The other plus us that most of our cars can be kept for up to 12 months without it being swapped, saving you admin time and insurance charges.

The service is similar to a mobile phone contract, all you have to do is follow our simple process:

  1. Choose Your Vehicle – Click Link to see current range
  2. Choose your monthly mileage allowance
  3. Choose a minimum term – Usually 90 Days
  4. Apply for a credit line

After the minimum term, just complete our online returns form to arrange to return your vehicle back to our de-fleet centre. We can also arrange collection from £1.25 plus VAT per mile.


Short Term Car Leases - 5-12 Month Fixed Contracts

Generally cheaper than our flexible leasing options, but with no scope for ending early (without penalties) or extending. Contracts are generally between 5 to 12 months are are dictated by the make and model.

Cars are generally brand new or pre-registered. Turnaround times are not as quick as flexible and in most cases it will take between 2-3 weeks from the date of order for your new short term car lease vehicle to be delivered.

We have a wide range of vehicles to choose from, with small cars such as the Fiat 500, Toyota Aygo or Kia Picanto, up to large vehicles such as the BMW X5 or the Mercedes E Class. 

We believe we are very competitive on our short term fixed contracts, should you have a quote from someone else, please forward it across and we will see what we can do.

Short term fixed leasing process:

  1. Choose your car/contract length – (Vehicle determines length)
  2. Choose your mileage – If different from that advertised
  3. Select optional maintenance
  4. Apply for a credit line

These are fixed contracts that cannot not usually be extended or reduced in length, at the end of the contract, you simply choose another vehicle and start again. If you need something a little more flexible, take a look at flexible car leasing


Car Subscriptions

Car Subscriptions are generally more expensive than our fixed contracts but with the added benefit of extreme flexibility. You are able to take a car subscription out from just 28 days and keep the same car for up to 12 months.

Included within the car subscription is the car rental, maintenance, roadside assistance and vehicle warranty. All you need to do is simply fuel the car and insure it fully comprehensive.

It’s available to business users and we provide you with a VAT invoice for your accounts. Individuals can also apply for a car subscription, providing a fixed monthly cost that can be paused, upgraded or downgraded with ease.

Cars must be collected from one of our locations in the UK, this is usually listed on the page for the vehicle. The vehicle must also be returned to the same location when finished.

Delivery and collection can be arranged anywhere in England & Wales at a cost, available on application.

On our website at the moment we offer a wide range of vehicles, with the majority available within a few working days, pick which one you’d prefer and your preferred mileage. Currently we offer 1k, 1.5k and 2k per month.

We then ask you to apply for a credit line.

Car Subscription Process:

  1. Choose your car
  2. Choose 1,000, 1,500 or 2,000 miles per month
  3. Apply for a credit line
  4. Collect the vehicle from one of our fleet centres.

Ex-Fleet Cars / Ex-Rental Cars for Sale

We offer a wide range of ex-rental and ex-fleet cars for sale, all with the balance of the manufacturers warranty and all with history.

Generally the majority of our cars go out to 1 end user, unlike traditional rentals companies. As maintenance is supplied with the majority of our short term car leases, the cars come with a full service history, if they have reached the requirement for . service.

We offer finance on our ex-fleet and e-rental cars, with extremely competitive rates, through some of the largest funders in the UK including Alphera and Santander.

Due to the volume of rental and fleet vehicles we run, it is quite difficult to display prices on our website, although this is something we are working on. In the meantime, take a look through our vehicle lists and complete an enqury form. You can also call 0330 330 9425 to speak to a member of our sales team.


Commercial Short Term Van Leases

In 2019, Short Term Car Leasing Ltd made the decision to stop offering short term van leases on its schemes after over 10 years of operating LCV’s.

This was due to the high return standards that manufacturers and suppliers wanted the commercial vehicles to be returned in. Our feelings on this is that they are commercial vehicles and therefore will be used within a trade where damage may occur from time to time.

Manufacturers and suppliers have not accepted this and therefore, we made the difficult choice of removing the commercial vehicles from our platform.


Short Term Car Leasing Ltd t/a Cocoon Vehicles Ltd (06113683) registered in England and Wales. Cocoon Vehicles Ltd id authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (711074). We act as a credit broker not a lender.

Cocoon Vehicles Ltd is authroised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for entering into regulated hire agreements under firm reference 711074. Short Term Car Leasing Ltd is a. trading name of Cocoon Vehicles Ltd.

ICO Registration Number: Z1350323

VAT Number: GB 907 7553 04

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