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Short-Term Car Leasing

Welcome to – a place where convenience meets flexibility on the road. Unleash the freedom of driving without the long-term commitment with our short-term car leases. Whether you need a vehicle for a few weeks or months, our hassle-free solutions provide you with the keys to mobility. But thats not all – we go beyond the conventional with our month-to-month car subscriptions, offer a dynamic approach to vehicle access that adapts to your lifestlye or workload. Say goodbye to rigis contracts and hello to a new era of driving experences tailored to your needs!

Fisker Ocean

Flexible Car Subscriptions

One payment covers all the motoring essentials inc.
maintenance, servicing, breakdown assistance and RFL.

Short-Term Car Leases

Car leases ranging from 6 to 12 months, brand new
and delivered to your door free of charge in England and Wales

Short Term Car Leases

Our Short Term Flexible and Fixed Contracts are ideal for a wide range of businesses and individuals. Whether your a Start-Up Business with no filed accounts or an employee in need of a flexible car solutions.

Our flexible cars are generally in stock and ideal if you need a car on demand. We offer low deposits, low monthly payments, different contract options depending on you and your business and fantastic customer support.

Welcome to Short Term Car Leasing Ltd

Since 2007, Short Term Car Leasing Ltd has been providing short term car leases on both flexible and fixed contracts to hundreds of customers, this includes individuals to large corporates.

With low deposits, low monthly payments, flexible options and great customer service, our team can provide you with a wide range of solutions with flexible contracts starting from 28 days and the ability to keep the vehicle for up to 12 months without being swapped.

Our 5-12 month contracts are fixed but can offer you a new or pre-registered vehicle for a set amount of time. Many customers use this option for new start employees or to change their vehicles on a regular basis.


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