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3 Month Vehicle Leasing

3 Month Vehicle Leasing

We offer a 3 Month Vehicle Lease on our Short Term Flexible Car Leasing contracts, with commitment of just 90 days to get some of the best prices in the Short Term Leasing marketplace. All flexible contracts can be taken for a minimum of just 28 days, with 90 days commitment to get the lower price (180 days on a small number of vehicles.)

Flexible Car Vehicle leasing works differently to our Fixed Contracts, giving you the freedom to chop and change your vehicle when needed. This can help work in conjunction with staff needs or even seasonal changes in your business.

Mileage’s can be offered from 1000 miles per month up to 6000 miles per month and the majority of the flexible vehicles include Maintenance, Road Side Assistance, Road Fund Licence and the manufacturers warranty, so all you need to do it insure and fuel the vehicle.

Please see below for a small selection of flexible vehicles:

Benefits of 3 Month Vehicle Leasing include:

  • No Long Term Commitment
  • Best prices on 90 day plus contracts
  • Cheaper than Daily Rental Vehicles
  • Provide your own insurance and fuel
  • Many vehicles include Maintenance and Tyre Provision
  • Mileage allowance of up to 72,000 miles per annum
  • Breakdown Assistance, RFL and Warranty included with no hidden extras
  • Brand New or Nearly New Vehicles
  • Next Day Delivery available on majority of vehicles*
  • Available to Non-Status, New Business Start-up and Adverse Credit/CCJ**

For more information about 3 month leasing or flexible short term vehicles, please call the team on 0330 330 9425 or use the contact form below:

* Next Day Delivery available when a Credit Line is in place

** All Non-Status, Adverse and New Start Businesses are looked at on a case by case basis, alternative terms maybe offered. Guarantee’s and indemnity maybe needed.

We have a number of brokers that want to offer their own short term car leases on their own paperwork. We work with a number of suppliers who allow this and therefore, we rent from ourselves to you.

We want to be clear on our practices and want to point out that this means that you are responsible for that vehicle, the insurance, rental and any fines or tickets that may come through.

Before we agree a relationship we will carry out due diligence and will require documents to be sent to our team to demonstrate compliance, insurance and credit worthiness.

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