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Hybrid Car Short Term Car Leasing

Hybrid Short Term Car Leases

Purchasing or leasing a Hybrid car over a 2, 3 or even 4 year period is a massive choice. You may be quite comfortable with your Volkswagen Diesel Car and the running costs, but Diesels are a dirty word at the moment! And its horrible to have that precious car branded “Dirty Diesel” – Maybe you are wanting to lower your Benefit in Kind tax, who wouldn’t? Hybrid cars is a great way of cutting costs on regular runs.

The costs of Hybrid cars are, for the foreseeable future much higher than traditional cars, the Government has even cut back the grants available. But, in the back of your mind you still want to delve into the world of Hybrid / Electric Vehicles…

So before taking the plunge, why not give one a go on Short Term Car Lease. We offer a wide range of Hybrid and Electric cars from the little Toyota Aygo right up to the BMW X5 and the BMW

Range of Hybrid Cars to Hire

Below you will find our up to date range of Hybrid cars available on Short Term Leasing. Some are available on Flexi-lease others are on fixed rates. The benefits of the former are simple, you can give it back without getting stuck into a long contract. With the fixed cost option, the prices tend to be lower but you are stuck with it for the contracted period.

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Tesla Model 3 on Short Term Car Lease

We’re pleased to announce that we now have a limited supply of Tesla Model 3’s on short term car leases. These are subject to availability.

We can also supply quotes on 24, 36 and 48 month contracts through one of our 12 funders. Please contact the team should you wish to request a quote.

We also have a Tesla Referral Code to obtain 1,000 additional supercharger miles which you can use with a contract hire, PCP or outright purchase via Tesla.

Link: Tesla Referral Code

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