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DART Charge Fines Not Good For Short Term Lease Drivers

The Dart Charge
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DART Charge Fines Not Good For Short Term Lease Drivers


With customers all over the country, any traffic and parking offenses usually come straight through to Short Term Leasing, with us being the registered owner of most of the vehicles we send out on short term lease deals. However, something we’re seeing a lot of at the moment that you should all be aware of is the DART Charge i.e. the charge introduced last November for crossing the Dartford bridge.

It was recently revealed that more than £250,000 has been paid in Dart Charge fines for drivers who only needed to pay the crossing charge. Some 7,424 fines of up to £70 were settled by motorists unaware that they only needed to pay the £2.50 crossing fee. In its first 6 months of operation, over £1m has been collected in penalty charge notices and this is a fraction of the £22.8m still yet to be collected.

Just like any driver, contract hire drivers should pay close attention to tolls, parking charges, speed cameras and so forth, as unfortunately, most lease companies are forced to charge an additional administrative fee to cover their time and efforts in relaying penalties to the driver.

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