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Non Status Leasing

Non Status Leasing

Businesses and Private individuals can increasingly find themselves unable to obtain credit for Contract Hire, Leasing or even Hire Purchase. This can be down to a number of reasons, including New Start Up Business with no trading results, a company established within 2 years with poor trading figures due to a business startup’s, CCJ’s or adverse credit.

Major leasing companies and funders have very strict criteria, there was a time when these big companies would accept just about anyone or anything, but they got stung with massive write off’s and vehicle repossessions. They now like to see positive balance sheets, 3 years worths of payments made on time or even a high credit score that even some millionaires fail to have.

Here at Short Term Car Leasing Ltd, we have been helping Non Status Leasing customers since 2007, utilising our Short Term Leasing fleet. This way we can help you stay mobile and get to your day to day job to earn money or as a new business its vitally important to have a reliable and smart vehicle to give the right impression to your new customers.

Criteria of Non-Status Car Leases

Businesses (Limited Companies and PLC’s)

  • Incorporation Certificate
  • Business Bank Statements for last 3 months
  • Company Registration
  • Directors Details with ID
  • Management Accounts (On Request)
  • Directors Guarantee (If Required)
  • Website details
  • Previous or other company appointments (if requested)

Private Individuals:

  • Three years or more address history
  • Three years employment history
  • Applicant must be registered to vote (if applicable)
  • Proof of ID inc. Driving Licence at correct address
  • Proof of address inc. Utility bill dated within the last 3 months
  • Wage slip clearly showing income
  • Bank Statements clearly showing income and expenditure.

A credit check is run for both personal and business users. When a business credit check is being done, the Directors of the business will also have checks carried out.

Apply For Non-Status Car Lease

To apply for a Non-status car lease you can either download one of our proposal forms by clicking the highlighted link, or you can apply online by clicking the button below. Please ensure that you tell us that this is for a Non-Status car lease.

We Can Help!

We can normally help in most circumstances, whether it has been a change of employment, recent divorce has scuppered credit or a few missed payments. So long as we can see that you can afford the car the answer could be yes!

The rates may differ from those advertised but generally if we feel the risk is higher, then we will ask for a larger security deposit. We must make you aware, that failure to pay for the vehicle will result in termination of the contract. If a Direct Debit bounces and it is not settled within 48 hours, we will arrange collection of the vehicle and you will be billed accordingly.

For more information about our Non-Status Leasing and Contract Hire, please call the team on 0330 330 9425

Check Your Credit File with a 30 day Free Trial

We’re offering our customers a 30 day free trial to – It allows you to get your credit report from Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. It will show your history for the last 6 years, enables you to track your balances and helps you to identify any issues.

Non-Status Car Lease Reviews

Non Status Car Lease with Bad Credit

If you’ve got bad credit and you’re looking for a Non-Status Care Lease, then we should be able to help you get a car.

We offer a range of short term car lease vehicles on our non-status deals with a great acceptance rate.

Our experienced underwriters want to see that you have the affordability for a short term car lease and that your residential status is stable.

Find out more about Non Status Car Leasing with Bad Credit by completing the enquiry form or contacting the team.

Non Status Car Lease with Low Deposit

We have a range of Non-Status Car Leases with Low Deposits, although a refundable deposit, guarantee or security maybe required, this can be provided by a third party.

Our experienced underwriters can help with terms whether your a new start business, company with an overseas parent company, have had bad credit or you are a discharged bankrupt. You may also have had CCJ’s, you can still apply.

Find out more by completing the enquiry form.

Non Status Car Lease with a New Start Business

If you are a new start business then obtaining finance for a car or commercial vehicle may prove difficult.

However, our team of experienced underwriters can help you get you and your business mobile, whether you need a flexible car lease or a short term car lease.

We also offer Business Car Subscription Services with VAT invoices.

Find out more about our New Business Non-Status car leases by completing the form.

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