Technical Details Explained

Car Details Explained

Technical Details Explained

We like to think that we are clear on the way we explain our process here at Short Term Leasing, however vehicles are a different kettle of fish! We have Auto, Semi Auto’s, Tiptronic, Manual gearboxes just in transmissions, S Line, Sport, SE and Base Versions of cars. Whilst we give you a run down of what is available on most of our car models, its important that you understand what each section of a vehicle means.

We have created this quick guid for you, so that you can an understanding of all the features and fittings of the vehicles. If you think we have missed one, let us know by using the form at the bottom of the page.


Manufacturers create so many different models of their vehicles, from the very basic
to the fully kitted out models that include just about everything. The specification can change on
a monthly basis of these models, which can make this website difficult to keep up to date and the
models that we have on order may differ from those advertised on the manufacturers website.

Body Type

There are various different body types, we generally have a set list we use to describe
these vehicles; Hatchback, Estate, Saloon, 4×4, LCV, Coupe, Cabriolet/Convertible, although a few
more may slip through from time to time. If in doubt call the [company] team.


Generally we only publish two types of transmission on our website, which is
Automatic and Manual, although their are various different types of automatic transmission
such as TipTronic, CVT and DSG, its easier to keep to what everybody understands.

Car Details Explained Stop SignFuel Type

Again, in recent years, just Petrol, Diesel and LPG were available, now we have electric
cars and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles coming into the mix. At the moment if the vehicle is a Hybrid
we will just state HYBRID in the fuel type, we may however change this in the future.

Insurance Group

Insurance groups are for indication pruposes only and we use the group supplied
by the manufacturer and the basic car which does not include options. There are now 50 different
insurance groups available with 1 being the lowest and 50 being the highest. Having an insurance
approved tracker can make a massive difference on the price of your insurance premium.

Engine Power

This can be expressed in horsepower (BHP) or Kilowatts (kW), the power output
depends on the size and the design charactoristics of the engine, but also on the speed at which
it is running and the torque or load. We tend to show our engine power figures in PS which stands
for Pferdestarke (horse strength in German). PS is approximately 98.6% of a brake horsepower (BHP).

Car Details Explained Car ParkCo2 Emissions

Vehicle manufacturers now have to show the amount of Co2 that ther vehicle of
choice produces, the car is driven on a rolling road under lab conditions. A cycle of defined
accelerations, gear changes, steady speeds, decelerations and idling take place to work this
figure out. The official Co2 figure is then used to work out the Car Tax Band (VED) and may also
be used for company car taxation rules, for more information visit:

0 – 62 mph

This figure is a commonly used figure to measure performance and acceleration of
a vehicle, the lower the time, the quicker the vehicle. In the UK, we used to quote 0 – 60 mph times
but the vehicle manufacturers, mainly the european companies, now quote 0 – 62 mph as the
equivilent in kilometres is 0-100kph.

MPG Combined

Manufacturers are legally obliged to carry out tests to find out how much fuel
one of their vehicles uses, the higher the figure the more econmical it is. There is normally a big
difference between the manufacturers figures and real world figures. The combined figure is
simply the figure between motorway driving and around town driving. All figures quoted come from
the manufacturers database.

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