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Flexible Car Leasing

Flexible Car Leasing

Flexible Car Leasing is also known as long term car hire, its cheaper than using a Daily Rental firm vehicle over the same time period. These flexible leases can be taken for a minimum term of 28 days, although our best prices are for committing for 90 days or more.

They are ideal for a wide range of individuals and businesses, covering things like staff probation periods, short term projects or even staff incentives.

Flexible car lease are designed to fit around you, all you need to do is choose your car, choose your mileage and approx. how long you need it for, it really simple.

Its a rolling contract, so after your minimum term you can generally keep the same vehicle for up to 12 months without the hassle of swapping. To terminate, all you need to do is give us 5 days notice to return it to our de-fleet centre. Alternatively, we can collect at cost.

How does Flexible Leasing Work?

We have a large range of vehicles displayed on our website alongside a stocklist that we update on a weekly basis. In-stock vehicles can be turned around quick and those with an active account can see their cars as soon as the next working day.

If you haven’t already got an account or a credit line in place, complete a simple application which we will submit to our underwriting team. If you are Non-status or a new business, please do let us know, as we can still help.

Once the account is in place, we send you an order form and take the initial rental to secure the vehicle. Delivery is arranged once we have received signed contracts by E-Signature.

Give us just 5 days notice to terminate the vehicle by completing a return form online. You can bring the vehicle back to the specified de-fleet centre free of charge or we can collect the vehicle for a fee.

How do I extend my Flexible Car Lease?

You’re on a rolling contract, however the minimum term you must keep the vehicle for is 28 days. Our best prices are 90 days or more. At the end of the minimum term the contract continues until we receive a return vehicle form, we require just 5 days notice to terminate.

Most of our vehicles you can keep up to 12 months without the hassle of swapping over and insurance charges.

What happens when I want to terminate my Flexible Car Lease?

We require just 5 working days notice via our online form which is available in the Account Management section.

We will reply and confirm where you need to return your vehicle. Alternatively, we can arrange collection for a charge.

When the vehicle is returned, our team/drivers will go over your car and point out any apparent damage. The vehicle is then subject to a more comprehensive inspection by the a third party, this will point out any under vehicle damage, poor repair work, etc. Our return conditions can be found at: RETURN CONDITIONS

Can I swap my Flexible Car Lease for a different vehicle?

Yes you can, its pretty easy to swap cars but always a good idea to have in mind what you’d like to swap it for. Check out our latest offers on flexible car leases and find out if it’s in stock.

If the vehicle is with the same supplier the process is pretty simple. If you are going from Flexible to a Fixed lease, then we will talk you through the process.

Either way we’re here to help you stay mobile.

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