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How do I lease a short term vehicle?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I lease a short term vehicle?

If proceeding with a Short Term Vehicle is for you or your business, our process is pretty easy and straight forward.

Firstly you need to decide wheter or not you want a Fixed contract or a Flexi Contract, with the latter you simply need to take the vehicle for 90 days to get the best price, although you can take it for much less. Flexi contracts roll on month by month until you give us notice.

Next is choose your car, but be careful as you may want a 6 month contract but Audi’s maybe only available for 7 months.

Then choose your mileage, on Fixed contracts this is a maximum of 2000 miles, if you need more you need to look at Short Term Flexible.

Want to apply?

Then enquire from the vehicle you like, that way we know what you want! If you aren’t sure thats the vehicle you want, then add that to the additional information.

We will need an application form completeing, if you send us an enquiry then the sales team will reply with one attached. However you can click the ABOUT US on the menu and select PROPOSAL FORMS to download your own.

Once we have received your application, then this is sent to our underwriters for credit scoring. They may pass this straight away however the Underwriters always request a copy of your driving licence, so please have this to hand.

The contract comes next, you must adhere to our Terms and Conditions, these are pretty straight forwards but we must make sure you pay attention to the charges, this is mainly Administration Fee’s and Bounced Direct Debit fee’s.

We will send out rental agreements before the car is delivered however to produce these we will need a copy of your insurance.

Once the vehicle has been delivered its yours for the chosen period. Any issue, you just need to call the team.

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