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What is the difference between fixed and flexible short term leasing?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between fixed and flexible short term leasing?

The two types of contracts we offer are Fixed and Flexible, please see the differences below:

Short Term Fixed Contracts

Usually for periods between 6 months and 18 months on cars and vans. These are for set periods and have penalty charges should you wish to terminate these earlier. They cannot usually be extended or reduced in length and are determined by the vehicle supplier and/or manufacturer. The mileage is capped at 2000 miles per calendar month and the excess mileage charges can be quite high depending on the vehicle manufacturer. They do work out cheaper than a flexible contract. Cars are usually brand new or pre-registered and are taken from manufacturer offers, delivery times can vary depending on the supplier. Maintenance is optional on all fixed contract vehicles.

Short Term Flexible Contracts (aka. Flexi-leases)

Usually more expensive than fixed contracts but offer an “off the shelf” vehicle that can be delivered very quickly. Vehicles are usually less than 12 months old and may have been driven by other people or companies, but are in “as new” condition. Rentals start from just 28 days but the best prices on these flexi contracts are when you take a vehicle for 90 days or more. The majority of the vehicles do come with maintenance and its as simple as phoning your local dealer to book it in for a service. We can accommodate high mileages up to 6,000 miles per calendar month. Although they do work out more expensive than fixed, they do offer flexibility, ideal for new employees on probation periods or seasonal trends within the business.

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