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How does car leasing work?

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How does car leasing work?

Car leasing is very big in America, you basically rent the car for a period of time, usually 24, 26 and 48 months. In the UK this can be called a lease, and operating lease or contract hire.

Here at Short Term Car Leasing Ltd, we offer vehicles on Short Term Fixed Contracts usually between 6-18 months and Short Term Flexible Conracts, from just 28 days with the best prices from just 90 days.

The price of a vehicle lease depends on a number of factors, the model of the car you wish to lease, the amount of miles you will be doing and how long you need the vehicle for. The car lease is worked out at how much our suppliers purchase the vehicles for and how much they can sell it (either to the manufacturers, traders, etc) at the end of the contract. You generally pay the difference in between.

Short Term vehicle leasing is similar to long term leasing but of course the contracts are much shorter. With short term, you can take a vehicle just month by month or commit to say a 6 month contract. With a choice of lots of models, we try and show the full selection on our websites, although our short term fleet does change daily.

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