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What is short term car leasing?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is short term car leasing?

Short Term Car Leasing is really just like traditional contract hire and leasing agreements, but over a shorter time. Generally available on 5, 6, 7, 9 and 12 month car leasing programmes and dictated by the Make/Model or Manufacturer to how long the agreement is for.

Short Term Car Leasing can be more expensive than 24, 36 or 48 months but the initial payments can also be lower and occasionally when you work this out over a term, there might not be much difference.

There are actually a few types of short term leasing programmes available: Fixed, Flexible and Car Subscriptions

What is a Short Term Fixed Contracts?

Like it says on the tin, available on 5, 6, 7, 9 and 12 month terms but these cannot be reduced or extended without penalties. At the end of the term you hand the car back and start a new contract. These contracts generally have the 1st months payment taken upfront, so the initial outlay is low and fleets can be extended quickly with little money down.

On fixed contracts you have to take the option of maintenance, however, we do not recommend this as the majority of our customers will not hit the vehicles first service interval. The vehicle does include a generous mileage allowance, manufacturers warranty, manufacturers roadside assistance and road fund licence for the duration of the contract.

The vehicle must be returned to the correct standards and as laid out in our return standards webpage, please click the highlighted link to read this.

What is Short Term Flexible Car Leasing?

Otherwise known as Flexi-rent, Flexilease, Flexxilease or Long Term Car Rental, is a great programme where you can take the vehicle for 28 days or more and pay less than the traditional daily rental costs. Prices are better when you take the vehicle for a minimum term of 90 days, but even then you are not tied into the contract and can terminate the vehicle with just a phone call.

The majority of the vehicles are available for next day delivery (when in stock and a credit line is in place), they come with manufacturers warranty, vehicle excise duty, generous mileage allowance, roadside assistance and quite a few of the flexible car leases also come with maintenance.

The flexible cars can be kept for up to 12 month without them being swapped, they tend to be new or nearly new. The vehicles must be returned to the correct standards, please see our return standards page by clicking the highlighted link.

What is a Car Subscriptions?

Car Subscriptions are not a new concept, we have been offering these since 2008. Its a simple process and with subscriptions for various items such as streaming music, the latest tv shows and mobile phones, why not subscribe to a car?

Our car subscriptions can be taken for a minimum of 28 days, at that point you run the car until you either want to pause, upgrade or downgrade the vehicle. Its an all inclusive monthly fee that includes maintenance, rental, roadside assistance and a mileage allowance. If you can agree to 90 days or more, the price drops again.

All you need to do is set up a credit line with ourselves, choose a car and we will send you the contracts. These can be E-signed easily on your computer, tablet or even your smartphone. We will then let you know where to collect the vehicle from. We can of course deliver, but this is charged. We can provide you with a quote for Delivery & Collection.



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