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What happens at the end of the contract?

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What happens at the end of the contract?

At the end of the contract, we will arrange a day or time for you to bring your car back, as an option we can collect the vehicle for a reasonable fee. When the car is returned we carry out a Vehicle Condition Report, this goes over the vehicle noting any damage that we may find on the sheet. When the vehicle is returned to the manufacturer a more thorough examination takes place to ensure the car is to the correct standard and any repairs (if any) have been done to the correct standards.

If you want to get the vehicle repaired before the collection or return date, we must insist that any dints or paint work is carried out who is manufacturer approved. The Alloy Wheels must also be done by a manufacturer approved repair centre and that Diamond Cut wheels are repaired correctly and not just repainted. These are all common areas that tend to be charged for.

We are transparent with our return costs and only charge on what we get charged, we dispute approx 70% of the final bills with only 5% coming back as a lower amount.

When we collect the vehicle, it is guranteed that a further inspection will take place if; The light is poor, the weather is bad, a third party company collects the vehicle on our behalf, minor damage found that could lead to deeper damage.

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