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What is a “Form of Indemnity”?

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What is a “Form of Indemnity”?

The Form of Imdemnity covers both parties and ensures you follows the guidelines when it comes to people driving the vehicles and the insurance. You will be agreeing to only let people authorised to drive the vehicle, that they are insured and that they have the correct licences. We also ask that you provide fully comprehensive insurance for the vehicle and its for the correct value.

It also states on the form of indemnity that you are responsible for any damage that authroised persons may cause, whilst in their possession. As well as providing details where and when nesscesary when the person driving the car has received PCN’s, notices and parking fines.

It also tells you to report any accidents to the office as soon as possible and where needed the insurance company to ensure that claims are dealt with promptly.

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